iRide ski snowboard app
Trick challenge

Weekly random trick challenges.

You against the world

A global kicker session

Compete against riders from around the world on a randomly selected trick, taken from your level in the iRide Progression lists. We call this the Trick challenge – the world’s first global kicker session.

Rate / get rated

Compete at your level

The Trick challenge features tricks randomly selected from your particular skill level. You then compete against similar level riders from around the world. Users can still see and rate other levels but can only enter the comp at their grade (marked blue).

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Geo filters

Trick challenges are automatically sorted by level but can also be filtered by location: global, country, local resort or by friends (if friends are competing at that trick).


Battle of the sexes

The default view for trick challenges is chronological with both sexes featured. Filter results by male / female or ‘my trick’ to see your position on the leaderboard.

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