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Improve your riding and climb the charts.

Where will you place?

Global leaderboard

Ever wondered how your tricks and freeriding stack up against other riders? The iRide leaderboards might have some answers.

Making sense of it all

Meet filters

Filters are good. Filters allow us to split results by type: skiers and snowboarders, skiers only (dark blue) or snowboarders only (light blue). Compare like for like or as a whole.

Rate higher

Points make prizes

All tricks in iRide have points. More complex tricks have more points. But we all know riding is as much about steeze as it is about complex tricks so we’ve built a system that includes your style and fluidity. Points do indeed make prizes – but if you want a high score, you’re also going to need style.

It’s not all about tricks

Tricks vs freeride

Not everyone does just tricks. For a lot of us, freeriding’s where it’s at. iRide features filters for tricks or freeride giving a bigger overall picture of your riding.

Location, location, location

Geo filters

Filter leaderboard results by location – global, national, at your local resort or amongst friends.

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