iRide ski snowboard app

Find friends – make new ones.

Community spirit

We are connected

Like most things in life, iRide is better with friends. Build your network and post your riding footage with mates. Share the love with the rating system within your community.

Make connections

Find / invite friends

Search for friends amongst iRide users or post to Facebook and / or Google Plus to invite friends to come join. When users search you, you’ll receive a friend request prompt to accept or decline.

With a little help from

Your friends

See how your riding rates alongside your friends’ or challenge mates to a battle – the virtual version of a real-life kicker session. It all starts with connections.

Hasta la vista buddy

Managing connections

There’s any number of reasons for unfriending someone. Whatever the justification, ending a friendship is just a tap away using the friend list page.

Make a

Social Connection