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Our roots

Our History

iRide has morphed over 3 years in development – from first concept through to our global release in November 2016. iRide was conceived from the notion that technology could be used to improve your riding. The notion that shared experience and structured progression could lead to better skiing and snowboarding.



Vs1.0 / 1.1

First steps

iRide was initially launched back in December 2014 with a basic framework and (if we’re completely honest) substandard layout, user interface and user experience. Back to the drawing board.


Vs1.2 launch


Vs1.2 was launched in late December 2015. Full of errors, the app was still buggy and lacking in important features. Lessons learned, we halted promotion and began work on Vs.1.3.


Vs1.3 launch

Live now

iRide Vs1.3 features comprehensive profiling, friend, progression and challenge systems which are unrivalled in sports apps. Further features are planned for release through winter 16/17.


In development

The future

We’ve only just got started. There’s a lot of things currently in development for iRide which we’ll be bringing you this season. And there’s much more planned for further ahead.

Make your own iRide

3 Versions

iRide is available in 3 flavours – Core, Premium and Season Pass.

01. Core

Users of iRide get full access to the app for three days. After that, you can upgrade to Premium or Season Pass – or just keep using the app in Core mode.

02. Premium

Premium gives you access to the main iRide functions as well as uploading, rating, being rated, and leaderboards. Optionally you can install extra modules from the add-on list.

03. Season Pass

Season Pass is the best value and most comprehensive install option. As well as all the Core and Premium functions, you also get trick challenge, battle mode, freeride mode, progression system, travel lists, resort data and automatic upgrades through the season.

The breakdown

App functions

Using a combination of Premium and the app add-ons you can build a version of iRide that’s right for you. Alternatively, the Season Pass gives access to the full iRide app including add-ons and all the upgrades we have planned for this season. Note, when you first sign up, you’ll have Season Pass access for three days to give you an idea of the full features. Thereafter, you choose how you use iRide.

Season Pass



* Chart shows percentage approximations of each version.

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