iRide ski snowboard app
Upload footage

Post your skiing/snowboarding videos.

Broadcast yourself

Global sharing

Sharing footage, getting rated, making connections – that’s the core of iRide. Everything starts with your riding. Tag your trick, give it a description, name the resort – even share the trick to Facebook or Google+. The upload system makes sharing your skills easy.

Log everything

As detailed as you like

Share the key elements of your trick – who (you, obviously), what (the trick), where (the resort) and when (date logged automatically). Combined with the Tracker, it’s like having an online diary of your riding. Log as much or as little as you like.

Shoot in-app or take footage from your library

Image or video

Shoot new footage to upload directly or select pictures or video from your phone’s gallery.

Rider improvement

Progression system

iRide’s Progression lists are graded to keep pace with your improving riding – one level leads naturally to the next. Points are automatically assigned on difficulty and added to your total. Alternatively, use the lists for inspiration what to try next or for quick trick naming.

Call your own tricks

Creativity unleashed

iRide features a comprehensive ‘dictionary’ of ski and snowboard tricks allowing you to call your own style. Build your own tricks from the component parts. Points from tricks go toward your overall iRide score.

Resort details

Name the area

iRide has a database of 1,956 resorts worldwide. Log where you did the trick as a record for years to come. Imagine being able to look back at your first 360 – and knowing exactly where and when you nailed it.

Upload and share

Sending it . . .

Name and location logged, tricks can now be optionally saved in the Fail category. Riders can also share a preview to Facebook and / or Google+ inviting friends to rate their trick in iRide. Time to send it.

Upload and share

And you’re done

Other riders now stream your footage and rate you, 1-10. For Progression lists, you’ll need a score of 5 or more from 3 or more other riders to complete the trick. In the case of normal trick uploads, ratings just add to your kudos and overall iRide score, pushing you up the leaderboards.

Make a

Social Connection