iRide ski snowboard app
Battle Mode

Head to head against other riders.

Global warfare

Let battle commence

Challenge users from around the world to compete against you on a set trick – either chosen by you or selected from the Progression system. Users can only challenge users on the same iRide skill levels to keep things fair. If only all battles were this fun.

The battle panel

Winner takes all

When you accept a challenge, the battle appears in the home feed and in the battle section. You can invite friends to rate your trick or rely on other users to score. You can also share to Facebook / Google+. The timed battle expires a week after going live – at which point iRide automatically selects the winner with the highest score.

Send a battle invite

Challenge riders

Battles are started by challenging other riders to perform a trick. Users can challenge or be challenged. The battle mode page lists sent and received battle requests. To enter a battle, just click ‘accept’ and upload your footage.

Setting up battles

Trick naming

Get creative and combine your own tricks or stick with the Progression lists. The options are virtually limitless.

Sort with

Battle filters

The default view lists battles chronologically, however users can also filter battles by score, popularity, trick name, snowboard-only, ski-only or expired challenges.

Moments of greatness

My battles

Filter challenges by on-going battles / battle requests or relive your moments of greatness with the archived feature.

Make a

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