iRide snowboard ski app

See the best snowboard/ski tricks.

Calculating greatness

The iRide algorithm

Each trick in iRide has points based on difficulty. Combined with style, this gives a total trick score. This means, even if a simple trick has a huge number of likes, the algorithm will place it lower than a higher difficulty trick with just a few likes. By applying this logic we keep scores consistent against each other. Applied with filters, this is the core of the tricks section.

Knowledge is the key

Tricks panel

Rider name, points, location and date of upload. Trick name and describers. Like, rate, user stats and options to share to social media. The tricks panel is a thing of beauty.

Sort by . . .

The power of filters

The iRide feed features all tricks, listed chronologically. The tricks section allows you to filter these tricks further – by score, popularity, number of likes, trick name etc. Powerful stuff.

It’s all me, me, me

My tricks

Display and filter just your own tricks – by score, rating, likes, date or trick name. For the more egotistical rider.

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