iRide ski snowboard app
Progression lists

Structured progression to improve your riding.

Rider improvement system

iRide to progress

iRide features structured Progression lists, designed to improve your riding one step at a time. Levels feature skill challenges which lead naturally from one to the next. Complete the tricks to progress through the levels – all the time improving your riding. A trick is deemed complete with a rating of 5/10 or more – from 3 or more users.

Get rated, unlock tricks

Locked levels

iRide Progression lists are banded into five distinct groups, each with tricks appropriate to that level of riding. Complete all the tricks in a level to unlock the next.

User rates user

Graded progression

Perform a trick in the Progression list and either share to friends to get rated or wait for other users to rate you. A trick is considered passed with a rating of 5/10 from 3 or more other users. Perform, complete and move to the next level.

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