iRide ski snowboard app
Rider profile

Rider profiling – a digital you.

The rider profile

Your virtual ID

Your rider profile is your virtual ID – an at-a-glance summary of your riding history: iRide stats, rider age, years riding, local resort, location, points and skill level.

Your riding, in digital form

Rider info panel

Consider this comprehensive: Freeride, trick and overall level / badges won / age / years riding / battle results / local resort and rider stance / freeride, overall and tricks ranking sorted globally, locally and amongst friends.

Let the games begin

Gear, awards, resorts

Let other users know the gear you ride. Share your favourite resorts. Show riders the achievements you’ve made in the app with award badges. iRide badges provide milestones for your riding. They serve as markers for your achievements. Jpegs never looked more desirable.

Your own personal netflix

Video library

Build a video library of your riding to share with the community. Accessible anywhere, anytime on any connected device.

Postcards from history

Image gallery

Your own personal image gallery shared with riders across the world.

The digital you

Your profile

iRide has the most comprehensive, dedicated rider profiling system available. Share your experience and skills with the community. We are connected.

Make a

Social Connection