iRide ski snowboard app
Home page

iRide app home screen.

Mission control

Access all areas

The iRide home page gives direct access to all the main app functions. It all starts here with prominent tiles to access modules.

Never miss a thing

Notification updates

Button tiles feature notification updates, alerting you when new content has been added.

Button tiles

Easy-launch buttons

Designed with riders in mind, the iRide home buttons are big, prominent and easy to see – even in bright sunshine. Put your phone into ‘glove mode’ so you can keep your gloves on for extra toasty warmth. The tiles still work.

The world

At your fingertips

Live feed, upload, profile, friend requests, trick challenge, leaderboard, battles, fails, tricks, search, freeride tracker, progression lists, friend lists, resort data, grab guides, dictionary, travel list and general settings.

Make a

Social Connection