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iRide is the world’s most advanced, most comprehensive app for skiing and snowboarding. We use technology to improve your riding.

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Improve your


Improve your riding through our structured progression system. One trick leads naturally to another.

Build a


iRide, youRide, weRide. Share your sessions online with friends. Get rated and rate others. Climb the leaderboards.

Set up your


Your iRide profile is your ID – skill level, years riding, the gear you ride, local resort, freeride tracks, your tricks etc. A digital you.

Start a


Challenge riders from around the world to beat your trick score. It’s global warfare – just, in a good way.

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

Shipping Now

iRide is available now to download for Apple iOS and Google Android operating systems. If you ski or snowboard, you need this app.

iRide AndroidiRide iOS
iRide Ski and Snowboard App

This is iRide

This is no ordinary wintersports app. iRide uses technology to give you a better insight into how you ride, where you ride and how you’re improving. The app comes in two versions: iRide ski app (app functions tailored to skiing) and iRide snowboard app (app functions built around snowboarding).

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

You Ride

So how does iRide actually work? Take a look at our launch demo to get an overview of the key features then download and see for yourself. At sign up, you will be prompted to choose iRide ski app or iRide snowboard app. Each version is tailored to skiing or snowboarding (trick names, progression lists, ski/snowboard gear etc).

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

Main Features

iRide has the most extensive feature-set ever seen in a wintersports app. The ski app is tailored to skiing where the snowboard app is snowboard-specific. Users from both can still each other and rate tricks – just the trick names and Progression Lists change. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, we’ve got you covered. Key functions include :

01. User profile

Your profile is your virtual ID. Tell the world who you are – what, where, when and how you ride.

02. Feed

Constantly updated video and photo feeds from riders around the world.

03. Battle mode

Challenge global riders head-to-head to complete tricks chosen by you. Other users rate the winner.

04. Progression system

The progression system leads you from trick to trick, pushing your skills and improving your riding.

05. Trick challenge

Complete and get rated on a random trick from your skill level, set weekly. It’s you against the world.

06. Leaderboard

See how your tricks and freeriding stack up on a bigger scale. Filter by world, country, local resort or friends.

07. Freeride tracker

Track your ride – speed, altitude, distance, vertical descent, number of runs etc. Know more.

08. Resorts data

Save your local and favourite resorts for direct access to contacts, social channels, weather and piste maps.

09. Friends

Join friends, make connections, share your footage. iRide is about community. We are connected.

10. Video / photo library

Share your best photos and videos with a global network of skiers and snowboarders.

11. Travel checklist

Buying stuff in-resort is expensive. Never forget gear again – use the personalised checklist.

12. Fails

Share your ragdolls and scorps with a sadistic viewing public.

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

User Interface

Large tile buttons that work with your gloves on. A colourful interface that’s legible even in the brightest sunshine. Sliders to make rating easier. Yes, we thought of these things when designing the User Interface.
iRide. Designed for riding.
Development timeline

Check our videos
Development timeline

Check our videos
Development timeline

Check our videos
Development timeline

Check our videos
Development timeline

Check our videos

iRide Ski and Snowboard App

Rate / be rated

iRide is the first ski app / snowboard app with a global rating system, allowing you and your tricks to be ranked by other riders.

Upload footage

Shoot live or send footage from your gallery.

Live feed

Uploaded footage appears on other riders’ live feed.

Riders rate

Other riders rate your trick one to ten.

IRide algorithm

iRide combines rating with difficulty to give total score.


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Android | iOS

Install iRide

Download and install iRide today – available on Apple iOS and Android operating systems.

iRide AndroidiRide iOS
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The latest free ski and snowboard tutorials featured on iRide Ski App / iRide Snowboard App. Open the tutorials section for more ski and snowboard trick tips and free ski and snowboard video lessons.

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We’re lucky enough to be based in the Alps this winter – specifically La Plagne, France – doing stuff like this . . . The rest of the time we’re building and improving iRide. Search snowboarding apps or skiing apps to find us. Alternatively, search iRideSnowApp for direct links to all our skiing and snowboarding social channels.

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